Month: March 2022

Month: March 2022

pizza pizza

I was on the bus yesterday and this dude I used to be homeless with got on in his wheel chair. He’s had both his legs amputated since I’ve known him. When he got on the bus the smell of garbage nearly brought me to tears. Apparently that’s what he’s been eating.

Bad God

I think bad people need heaven and good people need hell. That way all the souls will see both sides of the fence.


Does anyone know what Afghanistan has been up to lately? It seems like we may have forgotten that horrible loss in Afghanistan and Russia may have created a diversion to make that so. If the World War Two style tank armory seems to be flailing in Ukraine, doesn’t that tell us that they may be

Overwhelmed by the Hypocracy

Nobody cared when The United States beat up on Iraq, and Afghanistan for years. Why are we now so “patriotic” when it comes to Russia beating up on Ukraine? It’s the same damn thing.  Why does everyone care about Russia and Ukraine when nobody ever cared that the US beat up on Iraq and Afghanistan?


NPR radio seems like a wholesome, honest, comedian and factual news broadcast right? Well, it’s not and I’ll tell you why. It’s not because it’s ran by the police. Just like all the news channels ABC, NBC, CBS, all owned by arms manufacturers. You can’t trust the news. You can’t trust anybody.


I do believe Ukraine needs some planes to combat the Russians and MIG’s are the only ones they can fly. It just seems like the US has given them so much aid when they didn’t need it yet, now they won’t when they do. I guess it became too hard to pass a fleet of

Gene Simmons

President Putin is calling the Ukrainian president a Nazi? We all know who the real Nazi is, Donald Trump of course. Who else fueled all the hatred and got millions of white boys to shave their heads? Who else but Donald Trump, that’s who. Just trying to make racism cool again. That’s what he was


The American songwriter seems to seriously want me to enter their contests. At 15 bucks a pop, that could get expensive fast. So what can I do? The prizes sound nice but I can’t afford to lose. It’s like scratch tickets or going to the casino.  You could win but you will lose.